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Information about Missing Person - File No.489 Information about Missing Person  - File No.
Victor Manuel Narvaez
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Information about the missing person

Image of finger or foot print
 Gender: Male
 First name: VICTOR
 Second name: MANUEL
 First surname: NARVAEZ
 Second surname:
 Current Age: 47
 Type of identity document: Residency Document
 No. of identity document: 001-260864-0042Y
 Marital status: Unknown
 Native Country: NICARAGUA

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Description of the missing person
 Physical build:  Heavy set  Height:  120 cm a 130 cm
 Eye Shape:  Round shaped  Eye colour:  Black
 Type of facial hair:  Moustache  Type of mouth:  Large
 Type of eyebrows:  Populated  Type of nose:  Large
 Type of ears:  Medium  Hair colour:  Black
 Type of hair:  Curly  Length of hair:  Short
 Shape of face:  Oval  Skin colour:  Dark skinned
 Ethnic group:  Mestizo

Additional details
Abnormalities in the teeth [ ] None [ ] Broken [ ] Crooked [ ] Spaced apart [ ] All missing
  [ ] Others [ ] Braces [ ] One or more teeth missing [ ] Cavities [ ] Stained
  [X] Prosthesis [ ] Unknown
Glasses or lenses [ ] None [ ] Contact lenses [ ] Plastic frames [ ] Frameless
  [ ] Mono-focal [ ] Bifocal [ ] Metal frames [ ] Half frames [ ] Others
Scars or visible marks [ ] None [ ] Buttocks [ ] Other [ ] Hands/arms
  [ ] Feet/Legs [ ] Abdomen [X] Face/head/neck
  [ ] Back [ ] Toes [ ] Fingers
Location of tattoos [ ] None [ ] Hands/arms [ ] Hips [ ] Others
  [X] Face/head [ ] High back [ ] Legs or feet
  [ ] Espalda baja [ ] Neck [ ] Abdomen
Design of tattoos [ ] Initials/Words [ ] Number [ ] Figures [ ] Design [ ] Other

Additional data
 Additional information:

Date of disappearance
 Place and date they were last seen:
  04 de septiembre del 2010, fue visto en la republica de honduras conduciendo un cabezal.
 Description of their clothing:
 pantalon jeenp, camiseta blanca

Medical information about the missing person
 Do they suffer from any mental illness? No specified
 Do they suffer any illness? No specified
 Do they use any medicine? No specified
 Are they allergic to any medicine? No specified

Information about the registry of the report
 Date of registry: 09/09/2012 11:51:45  IP Address:

This person has been in our data base since 09/09/2012
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